General joint practice with naturopathic treatment in Ahrensburg

Family doctor: General joint practice with naturopathic treatment in Ahrensburg 

Let's introduce ourselves: Dr. Alice Bullinger (specialist for general medicine) and Dr. Bismark Sarfo (specialist for internal medicine) run this general joint practice in Ahrensburg together with a strong team. Our treatment focuses are:

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One practice -
one team

For us, the term "joint practice“ maps out the way forward. Only through a strong community of doctors and team we can be really good.

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+49 4102 2266444

Heinz-Beusen-Stieg 1 |
22926 Ahrensburg

Mon | Tue | Thu:
8am - 12pm, 16pm - 18pm
Wed | Fri:
8am - 12pm, closed in the afternoon

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Public transport
Very good accessibility by public transport
Good parking facilities in the surroundings
Barrier-free access through ramps and lift
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